Could do better…

This afternoon I counted up all the games I own and figured out how many of them I had completed. The total number of games I own across my PC and all my consoles was over 150. The number of these I had actually completed numbered in the pitiful region of 18.

Amongst these were some very respectable achievements. GTA III and Vice City proved to be extremely enjoyable satirical pulp fiction. Then there was Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic all of which were labours of love. There was Resident Evil 2 which I completed in one sitting and Resident Evil 4 which was even more compelling (I still piss my girlfriend off by doing impressions of the creepy shopkeepers). XIII was a visual treat all the way through. Adam West’s hammy voice acting is always entertaining and the plot twist at the end, despite being predictable was surprisingly refreshing.

There were some poor judgement calls as far as purchases went. True Crime: Streets of LA on the PC was a bad call. I must admit to buying Enter the Matrix just to see if it was as bad as everyone said it was and I wasn’t disappointed. I couldn’t even pay someone to take that away on Ebay.

I just like collecting games. I like innovation and just downright addictive gameplay. I like being able to pick up Zelda: Link to the Past or Crazy Taxi whenever the mood takes me. The tantalising thread of Half Life 2 or the need to complete just one more mission of Warcraft III are allures that I cannot resist even if my life happens to prevent me from succumbing to them from time to time. Killer 7 is one game in my collection that may never be completed but it stands out as one of the most innovative and artful games I have ever played. In fact Capcom were pretty progressive when they put out titles for the Gamecube. Hmm, I smell an idea brewing…

Anyway, I digress. I have completed the good ones but I must do better. Perhaps I will get time to revisit some of my neglected titles while my 360 wings it way back to Microsoft. It will make a refreshing change to take a trip down memory lane. Maybe I’ll finally nail the Meta-Ridley at the end of Metroid Prime.

If only I could complete Ninja Gaiden


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