Red Ring of Death

I wished my 360 bon voyage today. It died before Christmas.

I’m not the only person I know to suffer this affliction. One of my friends sent his 360 away to Microsoft for repairs. When it came back it still didn’t work. Then, after about a week it miraculously started working again.

Another friend’s younger brother was given one for Christmas and turned it on Boxing Day to be confronted by the “Red Ring of Death”.

An avid modder I know has disassembled his 360 to re-position the cooling fans. The bare bones of his console are now sitting on the table under his tv with a mass of fans trained on them.

All over the net there are posts cursing Microsoft for this problem. I just hope that mine comes back in working order. I have Mass Effect sitting here waiting for me to play it.

I spoke to the UPS guy who picked up my ailing console who said he collects about a dozen 360s a day. He said that all he ever seems to see is Xboxes and iPods.

It brings a question to mind that has been floating around there since I started following the whole Gamespot/Jeff Gerstmann debacle. How big a concern is quality in the games industry?

Duff games appear all the time but now we also have faulty consoles to contend with. I suppose it started when Sony placed a cooling fan so that it blew dust onto the dvd lens in the PS2 and had to update. The 360 has taken it to a whole new level though and it is especially disappointing given that it is a great console.

In last month’s Edge Mr Biffo made the very valid point that consoles should last a lifetime. I have had my SNES for 12 years and it still works perfectly, as does my six-year-old Dreamcast. Hopefully when my 360 comes back from Microsoft it will last too.


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