Deus Ex 3. What’s in store for us?

Let’s face it Deus Ex: Invisible War was a bit of a disappointment all round. To be fair it would be hard to live up to the first game and even if it had been better there would still have been complaints.

Eidos are back with the franchise and they have handed it over to their Montreal studios. With the demise of Ion Storm, it has fallen to Eidos’ newest studio to breathe life into the series and it will quite a task they have ahead of them. Warren Spector is nowhere to be seen though, so it will be tackled with fresh eyes.

The new Canadian developer has posted a teaser to whet our appetites for things to come. As a fan of Deus Ex I can only hope that the third iteration in the series will help to ease the misery that Invisible War wrought on us all.

The main question mark hanging over it at this point is the ghastly financial situation with Eidos’ parent company SCi Entertainment. Potentially this could see Deus Ex 3 lost to the annals of gaming history. I hope it won’t come to that though. Fingers crossed…

Here’s the teaser. Enjoy.


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