B.P.R.D. 1946 Issue 1, by Mike Mignola, Joshua Dysart and Paul Azaceta

The adventures of the BPRD makes a welcome return to the shelves of our local comic book stores with a brand-spanking new story. 1946 is a historical tale following Professor Bruttenholm through post-war Berlin as he searches for clues on what occult activities Hitler was up to during the war.

Mike Mignola has included his usual array of odd characters in this one, all of which raise an eyebrow and a chuckle at the same time. I shouldn’t give too much away but his meeting the head of the Soviet occult studies team is one of the highlights of this first book. Mike is also joined by Joshua Dysart (Van Helsing movie tie-in) in the writers chair for this one. Dysart links very well with Mignola and the writing features none of the awkwardness that can occur when two writers work together for the first time.

Paul Azaceta does the artwork this time around. His style lends very well to the BPRD series. It blends the contradictory darkness and colour of Mike’s own artwork with the sharpness of old Commando comics. As a result this comic is just the sort of ocular treat that you would expect from a Mike Mignola book.

Issue one is very much a scene setter but it does finish with a excellent cliff hanger. Don’t just take it from me though, just get your hands on a copy. 1946 is a BPRD story well worth procuring.


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