Dare to be Digital 2008, Part 3

Finally, we have a fairly enigmatic title from Portsmouth’s Sherpa Reynolds called Immix.

Initially, I was interested with Immix because their video trailer showed off just how beautiful the game looked but gave away no clues as to what it was actually about.

A brief word with the development team unravelled the mystery of the game’s unique visuals. Immix is a 2D puzzle game which relies heavily on music. The main screen of the game is a basic graffiti mural with icons along the bottom allowing the player to select what type of puzzle to play. There are four levels to play through each taking a theme from the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water.

There are three types of puzzle based on either logic, rhythm and memory. Each puzzle unlocks different audio elements as well as additional interactive visuals that add themselves to the mural. By completing the puzzles you can build up dynamic, randomly generated music. By interacting with the unlocked visuals you can add to the music being generated. All this is controlled using a gesture-based system through a Wiimote.

Immix is a surprisingly easy game to play and it’s fine example of a how just intuitive the Wiimote control systems can be. This was definitely the most original game in the competition. The intuitive controls and the creative elements of the gameplay combine to make a very hypnotic experience that can be, as Sherpa Reynolds claim, just as enjoyable for those watching the game as it is for the player.

In addition to this the game is possibly one of the most malleable concepts around. The game was developed with graffiti style of artwork and rock musical elements but the developers say that it can be modified to accommodate plenty of other musical and artistic style combinations. It could be as easily applied to classical music and impressionistic artwork, for example, giving the gameplay the awesome potential to appeal to a large audience.

That’s it for Dare to be Digital this year but do watch out for the BAFTAs to see which one of Dare’s winners gets the gong.


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