Virtual Goods

I am now contributing to, a site that tracks the convergence of social networks and games. This is an interesting point for me as games have come a long way since I started playing on my 286 alone in my bedroom in the dim and distant past. With the event on MMO’s and console online gaming, gamers are meeting and socialising over the past-time that once had them ostracised to society’s fringes. Nowadays people are meeting and even dating over Halo 3 and World of Warcraft and the Wii is even getting older people who wouldn’t think twice about playing Xbox interested in games. Games are a heck of a lot more sociable than they used to be and they are even becoming socially acceptable.

Anyway my first post on is more of an analysis piece on the business side of things. I interviewed Sean Ryan, CEO of Meez about pricing virtual goods. So take a peek and enjoy.


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