2. Becoming a games journalist…

Two years ago, I started this blog as a home for my writing and to show off all my achievements in the world of games journalism. A kind of self-selling space as well as a place for me to write.

Contrary to what many may think, it is not easy to become a games journalist and despite all being fairly friendly and outgoing, we are all secretly, fiercely competitive. This is both our best ally and worst enemy at the same time pushing us all to write better and better all the time but also tempting us to drop our morals in order to get ahead.

As I have already said, I have joined Andy Kelly in his endeavour to write one blog a day for the whole year. You can follow Andy and our other comrades from their links in the One A Day section on my sidebar.

While the others have their own ideas of how to go about this I am going to take the opportunity to talk about my experiences in turning my passion for games into a sustainable career as a games journalist.

So far I have managed to sneak my writing onto the front pages of Gamasutra, Bitmob, Play.tm and Jolt.co.uk as well as becoming a fixture on the Games Are Evil network, both writing and podcasting.

By charting my career daily I hope to give you all an insight into the a world that largely involves sitting around the house in pyjamas playing games and  wearing out PC keyboards, wrestling with the English language, HTML and numerous grouchy content management systems.

I hope you enjoy following my successes and failures as much as I enjoy experiencing them. Roll on 2010.


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