3. The Pitch

Now that the whole festive season is done and dusted it is back to business as usual. For me that means evenings of trawling the internet for the inside scoop on the world of video games and working up story ideas into pitches in order to entice editors of web and print outlets to printing what I write and maybe pay me for it.

So, as you’d imagine, I am cast adrift on an ocean of story ideas. This evening I will be working on a few ideas I have had over Christmas in order to knock them into suitable shape for some of the UK’s still-surviving print magazines.

The real trick is to try to make pitches sound like they are the best article that has ever been written and that I am the only person who can inject them with the sort of ‘va va voom’ that will get readers all excited.

Of course this is all entirely true and I will be up until the small hours polishing my work off once I have met all my other deadlines for today.

I am sure that you will all wish me luck in my evening’s work.

As an aside, tonight also marks my the beginning of my second month as UK News Editor for Play.tm bringing only the most interesting gaming news gems to readers, mostly in the UK and, curiously enough, Turkmenistan.

I also begin my tenure in the newly re-structured GamesAreEvil as the editor for the PC channel as well as preparing the first DoubleJump podcast of the year.

Sadly, I have also experienced one of the great problems of working as a games journalist and that is reliance on the very broken UK postal service, Royal Mail. For two weeks now I have been awaiting review copies of Blood Bowl and Darksiders which both seem to have disappeared into the ether. If they don’t arrive tomorrow I may have to get angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.


2 thoughts on “3. The Pitch

  1. It strikes me just now that I’ve started freelancing for Play.tm and didn’t fucking even know you were News Ed.

    Sorry. Like, really sorry.

    • No worries man. I only started doing it at the beginning of December anyway.

      I am enjoying it very much.

      I only recently discovered Resolution myself after our wee conversation about Mathew Kumar over on the GamesPress forum so the embarassment runs both ways. Although it does run a little deeper for me because I’ve written alongside Daniel at Nidzumi and Jen at Games Are Evil.

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