8. Internet

Today could easily have been a complete waste of time. From the outset I have had little or no internet all day, until now of course. Bizarrely, Seesmic was working and I managed to download Aion and Fallen Earth through their cliets but the actual internet was stalling more often than a Lada Riva. The only way things could’ve been worse is if there had been a power cut. Then I may have cried.

As it stands though I have managed to get a lot done but there is still more to do. At least I have another two free days to do it in. And watch out for reviews of Darksiders, Twin Sector and Lunia Chronicles this week on Games Are Evil.

What amazes me now is how reliant I am on the internet for my work. It may be a bit of a no brainer, given that I only write for websites just now but even then factoring that out, literally everything I do relies on the internet.

All my research, all my editing, all my communicating, all done on the internet. On my current reviews list are 3 MMOs and a game downloaded on Steam so again I need the internet. It goes without saying, when my internet goes down, I’m screwed.

I’m going to cut this post short just in case my internet goes down again. I’m sure you’ll all hear the screams of rage if it does.


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