12. News

News is my bread and butter. Outside my stock-management duties at my local branch of a major games retailer, news is what pays the bills and puts food on the table.

I have had an on-off relationship with writing news. I did work experience with a news agency providing news stories to all the national newspapers. Consequently, I have had my byline in almost every tabloid in Scotland and even the dreaded Daily Mail. Writing hard news never really sat well with me. All those miracle baby stories and scandals always felt extremely exploitative. Nevertheless, having some newspaper experience has served me well for the work I am doing now.

There is a knack to writing news articles. It is actually a lot harder than it looks. It is very easy to write 1200+ words for a game review but, writing a short factual articles in a clear and concise manner can prove quite challenging. I enjoy the rush of working through a large flow of writing in a very short space of time and I find that I will produce over 1000 words of copy on various topics in a little under 2 hours.

The other think that is really fun about news is the investigating. You see a story,  you follow that link. That link leads you onto another link, and another, and quite soon I’ve found that the story has developed far beyond the original. My favourite story of recent times is that of SEGA’s blunders over Yakuza 3. In investigating it I found a good few articles that, when joined together, painted a very interesting picture, for me at least.

I am glad that I have re-discovered my news chops and I will be putting them to good use over the new year.


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