14. Relationships

Relationships are everything in journalism. A good friend of mine once said, live on a OneLifeLeft podcast, that he had only got where he was as a games journalist through the friendships that he built. He made some very influential friends and his career took off.

It’s not just about schmoozing your way to the top though. Today, I benefited very much from having built up a good relationship with some of the good people at Barrington Harvey, one of the UK’s biggest games PR firms. They handle UK PR for some of the very biggest games firms in the world and on this occasion, I had arrranged a telephone interview with one of their larger clients, through them. Due to a snafu with my internet (this has been happening a LOT to me recently) I was unable to access my email to  get the information I needed to make the call and I missed my slot.

Thankfully, they were very understanding and even arranged a new slot for me for tomorrow.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.


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