15. Timing

I am writing this one early tonight because I am having a well earned rest from the keyboard in order to spend some time with my girlfriend  and have a bash at the new Army of Two. This weekend is packed with work for me so a nice relaxing Friday night is in order.

I want to have a quick rant though and share my frustration from last night.

As usual, I come home from the neon-soaked cupboard I work in to sit down and engage in my usual news hunt for Play.tm. It was a very quiet night but still I managed to wring 8 good leads out of last night’s gaming news. My luck was pretty rotten though. No sooner  had I clicked send on my email whisking my night’s work away to the boss then up popped a couple of news diamonds that I would have killed for. Dammit!

The news items were that SEGA had discussed in great depth with Microsoft the possibility of Dreamcast games being compatible with the original Xbox. The deal only fell through because Microsoft wouldn’t allow the online features to be enabled.

The second story was one that I tweeted as soon as I read it  and that was that Beyond Good and Evil 2 was still in development despite Ubisoft’s denial earlier in 2009.

Both stories were solid gold. Oh well, there’s always next week.


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