16. Audio

One of my main jobs is to produce DoubleJump, GamesareEvil’s weekly games podcast.

Since I took over the podcast in August of last year I have been experimenting with the show doing all sorts of things from the ubiquitous countdowns to audio reviews and I even did a spoof Mario interview.

Firstly let me explain GrE’s podcast network. There are several podcasts produced by the Games Are Evil staff but GrE itself has three main shows: the Evilcast, the Evilcast Recap and DoubleJump. The Evilcast and the Evilcast Recap are news shows recorded by Blake Grundman and Ross Polly and are recorded several times a week. DoubleJump is my baby and is a weekly show.

The last few shows, I have been experimenting with doing some trans-Atlantic shows. I have struck on a discussion format where myself and one other (currently the hard-working Blake Grundman) talk about an editorial topic of my choosing. That way the show, which gets recorded on a Saturday and posted midweek, doesn’t clash with the news content of the other casts and also doesn’t go out of date by posting time.

This week’s show was the most successful yet. Blake and I had a very interesting, in-depth discussion about the state of play in PC gaming. This was our best show yet and I encourage you all to listen to it when it goes up. Watch your twitter feeds by following @gamesareevil and watch my twitter as well (@ewanaiton52) for #DoubleJump. If you love PC gaming you will really enjoy this week’s show.


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