19. Faux-pas

Today I learned a valuable lesson.

In an urgent fervour to be the first person to break a story I made a small error in  my writing yesterday. I had checked and triple-checked the articles I wrote yesterday but there was a particular fact that had evaded my detection. I misspelled a name. As someone who has frequently fallen victim to this heinous  crime I must give myself a very large slap on the wrist for my faux-pas.

I posted last night and went to be safe in the knowledge that the work I had produced would go live once its embargo lifted. I woke up to an inbox with emails informing me of my error. After some frantic editing and email writing (all done through the limited capabilities of my N95) I managed to fix the problem. Nevertheless I felt thoroughly embarrassed and I extend my apologies to my unassuming victim.

I will NEVER let this happen again.


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