24. Distraction

Life is a distraction.

In a lot of ways I have a great life. I have a nice home, a wonderful girlfriend and good family and friends. However, there are some mistakes that I have made in the past that cause me some awful stress. These mistakes are called VISA and Mastercard. By the end of this week I will have finally sorted out the big black cloud chasing me around and get myself some breathing space.

Sadly these mistakes end up being the source of great distraction and the reason why I toil in a claustrophobia-inducing, plasterboard cubicle at the back of a shopping centre unit instead of focussing whole-heartedly on getting work as a journalist. Striking a good balance is always hard and right now the stress has me a bit floored. Still, I’m going to keep on truckin’ because the end result is worth all the tough times that I’m going through right now.

By the end of this year things are going to change big time. Of that I am sure.


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