27. The Future

Yes, I’m going to talk about it. I know everyone else is but Apple’s new iPad presents a bright prospect for the future of print journalism.

If the iPad does what the iPhone and the iPod have done before it then we could be in for a rebirth of print journalism albeit in digital form.  Forget about the possibilities for mobile internet and gaming for a second (yes I did say forget about gaming but just for a second) and you can see that the iPad has the potential to save the print industry from  its current decline and adding incredible new value to the PDF as a digital format. iBooks presents the opportunity, not just for books but for the fantastic medium that is magazines to flourish again with a new distribution medium.

Imagine getting the latest issue of Edge or EGM uploaded to your iPad instantly, being able to access all of your back issues at the touch of a button and  not having to worry about storing a whole bunch of boxes of magazines in the garage? The iPad now makes all this an attractive possibility.

The iPad, if it’s as good as Apple say it is, could just be the device that saves print media, with some careful thought of course. Then at least I know that  my career has a future.


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