34. Desk (What Lies Beneath)

Tucked neatly (ahem) in the corner of my living room is my work space. My desk  has some curious features:

  1. It looks like a complete shambles that conceals a my own bizarre organisational system.
  2. The mess on top is nothing compared to the monster that lies underneath

Yes, it’s a complete mess but it’s my mess. Underneath my desk I have managed to cram an inordinate amount of console hardware.

Alongside my modified Dell XPS,  stands my Xbox 360, Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2 and PS3 along with a large pile of PS3 review code, PS2 and PSOne games. I have managed to find an HD monitor that can accomodate all of these items of electronics and still have space left over for another couple of HD devices should I have the need.

This means I have everything I need to carry out my daily tasks.


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