36. Cursed

I have one outstanding trait which is simueltaeously my greatest asset and my biggest flaw. I am utterly and totally single-minded.

On the plus side this means that when I start a task I will always complete it, no matter how long it takes. Good for my career, right?

Not necessarily. Because I am so determined to finish a task I may neglect all other things until my highest priority task is completed. This is good when I am set the challenge of reviewing a game, finding the biggest news of the day or completing a task by a given deadline. However, all else that does not prioritise as heavily falls to the wayside, including my life.

If you believe astrology, being a Libran, I like to seek balance in all things and always maintain a good balance. Well there is wisdom here and that is that balance is  something I always aim for, even if I’m not quite there yet. Perhaps I should prioritise achieving balance in my life before trying to do everything at once.


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