43. Creative Process

One of the best things about being a games journalist is being able to follow the creative process from early on, right the way through to the finished product.

In 2008 I was sitting in a seminar room in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre watching Introversion’s Mark Morris demonstrate Multiwinia and talk enthusiastically about how they would be bringing Darwinia and Multiwinia to Xbox Live Arcade as one complete package in early 2009.

Time wore on and it became clear that they would not be able to stick to that date but they pressed on and now the game has just released on February 10th.

Of course, mst of you in the know will remember, back in 2005 when the original Darwinia released to great acclaim on Steam after taking 3 out of 5 awards at the Independent Games Festival. It was around this time that Darwinia was commissioned by Microsoft for Xbox Live Arcade.

The original game  began development in 2002 so Darwinia+ represents 8 years of hard work by the boys at Introversion. I encourage you all to give the game a try and look out for a link to my own review of the game very soon.


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