44. Catching Up

After playing review code I tend to want to play games just for fun, which happens rarely for me at the minute.

When it does happen though I like to catch up on all the releases that have caught my eye from whichever genre I’m fascinated by at that time. Given that the immersive narrative-driven work of Quantic Dream is getting a lot of press at the moment with the imminent release of Heavy Rain, I thought I’d give Fahrenheit another shot. I have managed to get as far as installing it to my PC ready to play

This weekend I have also managed to find time, around watching Scotland’s ridiculous loss to Wales in the 6 Nations, to play some of Brutal Legend. A game whicch is close to my heart given my18-year obsession with the work of Tim Schafer.

I like to be able to catch up on the games that I have missed in the release schedules to give myself a more rounded knowledge of what was hot and what was not. It’s also good to remember what it is like to play games for fun, not just because there is a 1500 word review due on it in the next week or so.


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