47. Anger Management

Today I got exceptionally angry for two reasons.

1. In my day job, at a major high street games retailer, I serve a huge volume of customers and I am getting increasingly frustrated at the number of parents/guardians who seem to ignore the age ratings on games. Over the last few days I have served a good few parents who seem to be blind to the 18 in the red circle on the front of games boxes. One day I can see myself snapping an some poor unsuspecting grandparent: “NO, 50 CENT BULLETPROOF AND LEFT 4 DEAD 2 ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUR 10 YEAR-OLD GRANDSON YOU IGNORANT HALF-WIT!”

2. I opened my email to read a report in my daily newsletter from GI.biz about how games retailers are ‘losing faith’ in the PC retail market. I can categorically say that this is absolute bullshit. They aren’t ‘losing faith’ in it, they’re systematically killing it to make more room for pre-owned console games. DRM now makes selling secondhand PC games a nightmare for them so they’d rather give the shelf space to things that have a guaranteed 50-5000 percent profit margin. I am not joking. This will be fleshed out more conclusively in a feature I have planned.

That’s me done.


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