50. Addiction

Today I was struck by a periodical affliction that causes me to lose all sense of the outside world and waste hundreds of hours clicking my mouse.

I am, of course, talking about Football Manager. Sam Morris’s most recent Priory article on Nidzumi got me thinking about playing it again.

There is a reason that I have my copy of Football Manager hidden away and haven’t bought a new copy since 2007. That reason is because once I start playing it I cannot stop. I will sit there clicking away trying to seek out that new hidden gem of a player or finally beat that arch rival in a local derby match until I lose all sense of time. I must’ve lost a couple of years of my life to this game.

I don’t even understand why I enjoy Football Manager so much either. I’m not a huge football fan although I will watch every Scotland match religiously and catch up on the occasional Champion’s League match every so often just to make sure my lad credentials do not expire. Something about the game is oddly compelling. Perhaps the boys at Sports Interactive have found a way to imbue the gameplay with crack cocaine or something.

Time to lock it up again before it’s too late…


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