64. Funtime

The last game I got purely for fun was Army of Two: The 40th Day.

In between review and preview play sessions, I have been dipping in and out of EA Montreal’s latest and I’m pretty impressed. The first game got a bit of a bad rap for the dodgy AI but they’ve really pulled their shorts up with the 40th Day.

The best moment of the game is fighting your way down the side of a building with jumbo jets and helicopters fallling out of the sky although battling the way through Shanghai Zoo is pretty cool as well. The frequent moral decisions in the game are followed up by some funky sequences showing the consequences of your choices.

The big budget cinematic nature of most of the sequences in the game and the intriguing take on introducing an ingame morality really makes Army of Two: The 40th Day a game that will be sadly overlooked this year. Besides, the chance to run around shooting dodgy mercenaries with a hot pink M4 carbine is too good to pass up.

Make sure you look out for the Deadpool custom mask design.


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