65. Games are Fun

As journalists and reviewers we are all of a certain kind of elite-ism.

We have this engrained need to seek out the newest and most innovative games and often shoot down anything that does not try anything that pushes the boundaries. In the search for that cutting edge experience sometime we sometimes lose sight of what games are really all about (I’m guilty of this as much as the next man) .

Games are about having fun, be that a frustrating mental torture kind of fun or a massive swords and sorcery kind of escapits fun.

One game of last year that I think fell vitctim of this was Wolfenstein. Given the games mighty heritage many gamers with any kind of memory of that last 20 years will have expected this to bust the FPS genre wide open again. It didn’t.

What it did do however was create a credible extension to the story that was as pulpy and trashy as the previous entries to the series. It was an entertaining return to Isenstadt  to throw more spanners in the Nazi quest for occult powers. It may have re-treaded some old ground but Raven did enough to make it seem fresh and entertaining.

Groundbreaking it was not but it was and still is fun and in the end, that is what it’s all about.


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