80. Licenses

I am permanently skeptical about license games. Film and TV licenses have perennially sucked since the dawn of time (remember ET on the Atari 2600).

I am not opposed to the idea though. Goldeneye and Escape from Butcher Bay are notable exceptions to the rule and do prove that given time and hard work good games can come out of  flim and TV licenses.

I guess my ill will towards movie licenses goes back to the woeful Enter the Matrix. I was fanatical about the Mtrix and the idea of a game which adds more story really floated my boat at the time. I bought it on the PC, duly downloaded the pacth for it and tried to play it. I have NEVER played a more broken game in my life. Add to that the distinctly poor graphics Enter the Matrix really summed up everything that was bad about movie licenses.

You can imagine then that when Prison Preak arrived I was a bit skeptical. So far I have only dipped my toe into it but I am not too enthused. Watch for the link to my review when it goes up in the next week or so.


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