81. Plans for the weekend

I am writing this so that I don’t forget and so that I can look back on it on Monday and either congratulate myself in my success for call myself a lazy twat.

This weekend ia quiet on and the last quiet on that I will get for a fortnight or so.  Next weekend is a trip ot my Mum’s for Easter and then a trip to Arran the next weekend to for some outdoor excitement and maybe a distillery tour. I must therefore make the most of this weekend to get stuff done.

This weekend I have reviews to write up for Games Are Evil, Strategy Informer and Nidzumi. These reviews include Silent Hunter 5, STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Napoleon: Total War, Metro 2033, Greed Corp, Eye of Judgement and Prison Break. This should be a text heavy weekend but I wrote my 8000-word dissertation for my degree in a night so writing 8000 words worth of reviews in a weekend is perfectly feasible. It’ll be a challenge.

Oh and I do wish I was in Boston this weekend for PAX East. Definitely going to try and swing that one next year.


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