84. Quarrelsome

I’ve finally been getting press releases from my friends at Denki Games in Dundee about their new game Quarrel.

It has been some time indeed simce I first got my hands on the game way back in August at Dare to be Digital’s Protoplay event. Denki were enlisting passing games enthusiasts of all ages to try Quarrel out and give them some feedback. They were camped out in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for two days straight and raced back to Dundee after each day to work on the game based on each day’s feedback.

Now, fully 6 months and alot of tweaking and spit-polishing later, they are finally whispering the phrase ‘release date’. There isn’t a set date yet but Brian assures me that it will be announced soon and should be confirmed for some time in the next couple of months. They are also promising that it will appear on other platforms in the near future.

Quarrel was an awesome game 6 months ago and I am dying to see what they have done to it in the meantime. If I speak to Brian nicely I’m sure he’ll be able to fix me up with a sneak peek at the finished product. Watch this space for more news.

Have a peek here at some screenshots of Quarrel.


2 thoughts on “84. Quarrelsome

    • It is definitely due out on Xbox Live Arcade. There are other formats apparently but they remain unconfirmed as yet.

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