92. Games Are Evil: Napoleon: Total War Review

I have been a really busy guy over that last few weeks reviewing all sorts of games, mostly on the PC and I have still not seemed to make even a dent in the stack; not that I’m complaining.

This week sees the the publishing of two of my PC games reviews for Games Are Evil, the first of which was STALKER: Call of Pripyat. Now I can link you all to my other post this week and that is my review of Napoleon: Total War.

I love the Total War series. There really is not another series of games like it. Creative Assembly has seamlessly blended the turn-based empire-building with ultra-realistic real-time strategy battles to great effect. There is no story better suited to the Total War series than that of Napoloen Bonaparte and, unsurprisingly they’ve done a good job of re-telling it.

Pop over and have a read of my review here.


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