95. Remakes

Are remakes really worth it?

The Steven Soderbergh/George Clooney remake of the classic sci-fi film Solaris is on the TV just now and it made me think about remakes and how much they are actually worth doing. When they’re done right, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for instance, they can be absolutely worth it.

A lot of the time theyr don’t quite live up to expectations though. For me Marvel vs Capcom 2 was a great disappointment. Part of the joy of the original Dreamcast edition, which I have and still play from time to time, was to play through the game until you managed to unlock all the different playable characters an their various outfits.

When Marvel vs Capcom 2 recently dropped in price on PSN I went a spashed out on it and duly loaded it up expecting an HD remake in a similar vein to Street Fighter II HD Remix, which I very much enjoyed. Marvel vs Capcom 2 had not recieved as loving a treatment. The graphics almost remained the same apart from the shift into widescreen and, worst of all, every single character had already been unlocked and the system for earning points to buy unlockables had also been removed. This removed a large portion for what made the game so great for me first time around and cuts the play time down significantly given that there are no end stories for completing the game in arcade mode.

They had reduced one of the best 2D fighters every to a mundane quest for high scores. All the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of unlocking stuff had been ripped from the game taking much of its soul with it.

Damn you Capcom.


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