97. Ubisoft, what have you done?

I have had the chance to play a few of Ubisoft’s new PC games, all saddled with their new DRM system.

I am NOT impressed.

Silent Hunter 5 was buggy enough without adding in the DRM which has a habit of cutting you off whenever your internet dips even slightly (and that happens more regularly than I’d like here in Glasgow).

Settlers 7 takes the biscuit though. It took me two days to try run the game for the first time. TWO DAYS. This was because the Autopatch system that Ubisoft has added to the DRM software package would not download tha patch that was required to play the game due to an incexplicable error. The alternative link to a download would not work with Opera leaving me a bit miffed. After downloading Firefox and pasting the link in I finally got the patch downloaded and installed.

That wasn’t the end of it. I went to run Settlers 7 and was confronted by a second pacth install. Thankfully this one went off without a hitch. Still, what happened to the days when a game ran straight off the installation without any problems?

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