106. Doctor Who

So we’re finally getting a Doctor Who game worthy of his almost 40-year history.

Not only are we getting a new and exciting series of Doctor Who games but we are getting them for absolutely Scot-free (only in the UK).

It could be seen as a huge risk creating a series of episodic games for free but only the BBC can realistically do it. Given that they are produced under the BBC’s public service remit they have to be free.

The really impressive thing about the games is just how good they look. Sumo Digital has been doing a great job putting together the series with an air of childish glee that is very often missing from most commercial projects.

Yes, they have deadlines and release schedules but, because this is a public service game and Doctor Who no less Sumo has really taken the project to heart and made it their own. Most of the team has grown up on Doctor Who and are fanatical about the series and for the chance to work on the game and shape the folklore surrounding it has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

The game series is looking so good that things could become very interesting when the first episode releases in June. With a free game available of such high quality, Doctor Who’s success could change the way in which we consume games forever.

Having played the first game and seen the passion that they are putting into the series I really hope that the games are a success.


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