112. Departure from normal services…

It’s election time here in the UK  and we have the first hung parliament in since 1974.

With the current situation it’s hard not to be filled with fear for the future given that the most likely outcome of the hung parliament is a minority Conservative government with David Cameron as Prime Minister. For most liberals, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. David Cameron is an exceptionally plastic-looking individual who has no clear idea of how to run a country especially in this time of great financial hardship.

The real problem is that, despite having the most seats and the most votes, the Conservatives  have not managed to secure a majority in the House of Commons. The problem with this is that the Conservative party only holds a majority in England. Across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland the Conservatives and their allies were firmly rejected with them claiming only 9 seats in Scotland and Wales combined and their allies, the Ulster Unionist Party failing to win any seats at all in Northern Ireland.

Cameron’s claim is that Labour has lost it’s mandate to govern and, whilst this may be the case, the Conservatives have not been given a mandate to govern the United Kingdom given that they have been rejected in three of the four states that make up the United Kingdom.

This means that, if David Cameron does indeed become Prime Minister, he will have little support for his policies outside of the middle-class, Daily Mail readers of middle England.

I sincerely hope that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats see the sense and the reality of the matter and  form a coalition with Labour and Gordon Brown, who has recieved a unilateral vote of confidence in Scotland and Wales.

The Tories have systematically ruined this country and its economy whenever they have been given the chance to govern. Let’s not make that mistake again.

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