Now, I’m happy to say that I’ve given my blog a bit of a makeover and I’m pretty happy with the new Portal-inspired look. Over the next month or so I will be getting it back up to speed where possible and getting as much of my new work linked here as soon as possible.


140. Ooops

Busy is a bit of an understatement. I feel a little remiss in looking here to see that I haven’t managed to post here since the beginning of September. In the intervening time I have been incredibly busy and so I’ll be posting a whole bunch of links to update my portfolio some time over the Christmas period when I have a more consistent internet connection.

136. BeefJack: Top 100 Games

The BeefJack Top 100 Games List is now being published. Lewis solicited votes from all the current BeefJack contributors to create their own list of the Top 100 games.

It actually provided a nice change from the usual top 100 lists that the bigger outlets produce. There are even some words from me.

Check out the first instalment of the very cool list over on BeefJack.

134. Strategy Informer: Trinity Universe Review (PS3)

I will literally play any game. As proof I have some really awful review copies in my collection including Prison Break and The Godfather II, one of which I have completed.

Every so often you pick up a title that surprises you and reaffirms your faith in the gams industry and Trinity Universe is one of those titles. It adds a bit of much needed humour and colour to an industry that’s all-too dominated by gritty greys and browns. The best thing about it is it has Prinnies in it.

Read my review over at Strategy Informer.

132. I’ve made it!!!

In the true spirit of my workblog I’m blowing my own trumpet yet again.

I really feel like I’ve landed as a journalist now as I’ve been referenced on Wikipedia, not once but twice.

Earlier this year I did a bit of coverage for Jagex’s new MMO RTS War of Legends. I interviewed Adam Tuckwell at Jagex about the new game and did a few news items on the game. The news report from Play.tm and the interview from GamesAreEvil have been cited as sources for the War of Legends Wikipedia entry.